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Malton's Oxford


Malton, Thomas


Malton, Thomas


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Four parts (all published) with six plates in each part, a total of twenty-four coloured aquatint plates in original wrappers, each with original oval paper label to upper cover, housed in a cloth chemise (evidence of a bookplate being removed) and contained in a leather backed slipcase (some minor splitting to cloth to extremities).

Wrappers slightly chipped and faded, a couple of light water stains to lower cover of part two, each plate with tissue guard a couple of which are heavily chipped with loss, most lightly browned, but the plates are generally quite bright and clean.

The plates are uncoloured in Abbey, and although Prideaux (page 262) mentions "twenty-four delicately coloured plates", and Abbey notes that "one or two sets coloured for special clients may have been issued", it is most likely that this colouring is later.

The four parts contain the following plates - Part 1, dated March 1802 - 1. Magdalen College from the New Bridge; 2. Queens College from the High Street; 3. Entrance to All Souls College and St. Mary's Church from the High Street; 4. West Front of the Principal Quadrangle of All Souls College; 5. The Library of All Souls College; 6. Staircase to the Hall of Christ Church College.

Part 2, dated August 1802 - 1. University College from the High Street; 2. The Principal Quadrangle of Queen's College; 3. The Chapel of Queen's College; 4. East Front of the Principal Quadrangle of All Souls College; 5. Christ Church from the Chaplain's Office; 6. The Cathedral of Christ Church.

Part 3, dated April 1803 - 1. The First Quadrangle of Magdalen College; 2. The Clarendon Printing House; 3. Corpus Christi College From the Garden; 4. The Hall of Christ Church College; 5. The Anti Chapel of New College; 6. The Chapel of New College.

Part 4, dated January 1804 - 1. First Quadrangle of New College; 2. First Quadrangle of Brazen Nose College; 3. Merton Church; 4. North Front of the Library of Christ Church College; 5. North Front of the Divinity School; 6. The Divinity School.

The work didn't reach completion due to the death of Malton in 1804, he had however already etched the six plates for the next part, and these unfinished plates (in outline) appeared together with the twenty-four aquatints when the entire work was reprinted in 1810 with the title 'Views in Oxford'.

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